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The Operations division oversees all of DJS' programs that directly manage and supervise the behavior and health of youth in DJS' care such as community services, residential facilities, somatic health and services such as behavioral health, victim, substance abuse and mental health.

Scott Beal
Executive Director, Office of Community Services

The Community Services Unit oversees the management and supervision of youth in the community through the DJS regional field offices, Community Detention Program, Violence Prevention Initiative and Resource Office.

Wallis Norman
Executive Director, Office of Residential Facilities

The Residential Facilities Unit oversees the programming, safety and security, education and transportation for the Department of Juvenile Services' residential facilities.

List of DJS-operated facilities

Dr. Jennifer Maehr
Medical Director, Office of Somatic Health

The Somatic Health Unit is charged with ensuring that youth in DJS- operated facilities receive proper medical and dental care as well as nutritional services. The Director of Somatic Health oversees nursing, dentistry, OB/GYN, Food and Nutritional Services, Infection Control / Employee Health and Special Health Programs.

Dr. Michael Ito
Director, Office of Behavioral Health, Victim, Substance Abuse, & Mental Health Services

The Behavioral Health, Victim, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Unit provides various services and support for youth in DJS' care and victims in the community. The Director of Victim, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services oversees Psychology Services, Victim Services, Evidence-Based Services and Addiction Services.